Bulgarian, Evgeni Michev celebrates the arrival of spring at The Landsdowne Club

Date: 03 Jul 2013


Bulgarian Martenitza tassles were the order of the day at a recent party to celebrate the arrival of spring and abundant harvests.
The event, held at The Landsdowne Club, had flowing champagne with a mix of London socialites sporting red and white tassles to celebrate the best of spring. Evgeni Minchev, the host, who holds events and organizes pr for the world’s oligarchs, chatted with guests who included royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell who was named the Lady of the Evening. Eric Deardorff, CEO of the royal jewelry company, Garrard also attended, as did eminent photographer Robert Taylor. Other guests were Philip Mosimann of esteemed family restaurant business Mosimanns, Lady Anna Brocklebank and the star of the British Big Brother reality show, Benjamin Duncan. Writer Carmel Greenwood and her husband visited to pay their respects to Bulgaria, Evgeni Minchev and Baba Marta. Baba Marta, in folklore is the grumpy grandmother who can have terrible mood swings and by offering the tassles, Bulgarians ask for her mercy and for a good mood to bring a bountiful spring.

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