Book review: Philanthropy drops down a generation as young entrepreneurs have it all

Date: 10 Nov 2006


Philanthropy is a phenomenon we are hearing more about. Always the domain of the businessman (think Rockefeller) it now seems to be filtering down to much younger entrepreneurs. In his latest book Charles Handy interviews a number of business-people who at relatively young ages (30-40) have got involved with lengthy and heartfelt philanthropy projects. He talks about one entrepreneur who had built up a successful property company and then sought a second home in South Africa. Seeing the property poverty of many districts on his visit, he immediately set up a project to build houses. He found his workforce by advertising for those who wanted to take holidays to do some good in the world.

Whether you can concentrate for long enough to get through so many examples (more than thirty) is one thing. What Charles Handy does at the very least is confirm that philanthropy is now in boom mode.

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