Book Launch: Dawn of an Era of Well-being

4 October 2021

April French Furnell

Frederick Tsao, founder of OCTAVE Institute and SANGHA Retreat has co-authored Dawn of an Era of Well-being: New Paths to a Better World. Offering practical approaches for creating a better world and a new way of consciousness for humanity, this boundary-pushing work underpins Tsao’s ground-breaking mindful living programme at SANGHA Retreat, now acknowledged as one of the world’s most progressive well-being centres.

“Authors Ervin Laszlo and Frederick Tsao solve many mysteries and shed light on the path we can take toward a better world. But even more than this, they point to the path for shifting to a new paradigm of consciousness so that our ailing planet can be healed – because without this leap in consciousness, it won’t happen.” – Deepak Chopra

Humankind faces monumental challenges ranging from the sustainability of natural resources, climate change, wealth inequalities, breakdowns in social structures, the impact of artificial intelligence, and of course, the threat of pandemics. A thought leader in quantum theory, Tsao believes that the future of humanity lies in the symbiosis of science and spirituality. That only by combining ancient wisdom with our scientific knowledge of consciousness can we achieve a truly advanced state of collective wellbeing.

The book includes a foreword from Deepak Chopra with contributions by Gregg Braden, Hazel Henderson, Jean Houston, Bruce Lipton, Tomoyo Nonaka, and Neale Donald Walsch. In the depths of our global crisis, the writers gather rich insights, concepts and principles with fresh perspective around how to navigate the uncharted waters in which we sail.

OCTAVE Institute is a platform for research, mindful learning and holistic wellness, which provides a foundation for growth towards a purposeful life, mindfully lived. An integrated, immersive sanctuary located in Suzhou, China, SANGHA Retreat is a key component of the Institute and is widely recognised as China’s most innovative well-being centre, a pioneer combining the ancient wisdom of the East with the latest in Western science.

Dawn of an Era of Well-being launches worldwide on 19 October 2021. Available to purchase here.


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