BigHand delivers a productivity increase for Walker Smith Way

Date: 12 Apr 2012


BigHand, the voice productivity software vendor in the global legal and professional services sector, has today announced that Top-250 ranked law firm Walker Smith Way has replaced a combination of legacy dictation systems with centralised BigHand voice productivity technology to increase fee earners’ productivity and improve efficiency.

Walker Smith Way has also deployed BigHand’s dictation App for BlackBerry, enabling anytime, anywhere submission of dictation or instructions to support staff. Fee earners are no longer required to carry multiple devices to dictate on-the-move; the firm has subsequently cut the cost of purchasing and maintaining portable dictation handsets.

Stuart Taylor, IT Manager at Walker Smith Way, cited the benefit of a ‘centralised, future proof and resilient digital dictation workflow platform’ as the key driver in the firm’s implementation of BigHand.

Taylor continued: “Prior to BigHand we were managing a mix of three different dictation systems which led offices to work independently. The systems were aging significantly; we needed more functionality from the technology and consistent service from a single provider. We therefore chose to replace all three systems with the BigHand voice productivity platform.”

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