Be a wonder woman with Swisscode Bionic

19 January 2018

Karen Jones

Scientific and tech breakthroughs are all around us now with media pages awash with artificial intelligence, robots and robo-advising. Even Mr Facebook can follow us around and create amusing slideshows about friends we have known for a year or three.

The beauty industry has been no exception to this rule with blended thinking on scientific developments and nature. Swisscode Bionic, who are based in Zurich have spent many years developing facial serums with plant cells because these cells replicate human cells by self-renewal. Scientists found that certain plants work more similarly to human stem cells than others and this was where the idea was born to harness plant power.

The plants used to extract the stem cells are chosen for their abilities to protect themselves from all extremes of temperature, both cold and hot and for their evolution in terms of repair and regrowth. The extracts are taken from the buds and the roots of the plants because this is where it all starts before the blossom. 

Spending decades on their products, Swisscode Bionic use high-quality raw materials for purity. The stem cells are mixed with a base cocktail of anti-oxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals to pull the active ingredients into the skin.

The product range we tested included:


Swisscode Bionic Stem Cell Age Control

We tested this light fluid on thirty and fifty-year-old skin and we were both impressed with absorption, quality of skin straight away, ease of application and appearance. Over a few weeks, we also noticed a plumpness to the skin. The bottle and pump are superior quality and easy to use with no spillage. (Currently 169 euros but check website for pricing).




Swisscode Pure Hyaluron

This serum which is like a clear gel was tested on fifty-year-old skin and it was found to be light, fluid and to absorb quickly. The product talks of translucency which is accurate and the skin looks fresh and has a healthy glow. The bottle has a pipette applicator which can have a habit of tipping over, losing the product. However, this is in a sturdy, well-made bottle with a short pipette which is excellent.  (Currently 78/140 euros dependent on size but check website for pricing).

Both products are a delight to use and the lightness of them tells of the quality within and is much higher than most in the market. We were satisfied with them and are happy to continue using. The packaging is extremely high quality compared to other brands like Dr Perricone which retail at a comparable price.

With the science in place at Swisscode Bionic who knows there may even be a serum for Mr Facebook or his robots in future. In the meantime, the Swisscode Bionic range is well priced, offers high-quality products with accurate marketing and we are happy to award it a Citywealth maximum star rating. was launched in 2016 with the aim of bringing their philosophy and the brands that they distribute to the end consumer. The aim is to become the platform for quality, ethical brands backed by serious clinical research and delivering effective results.

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