5 Leaders’ tips for great networking

Date: 12 Mar 2021


Networking, the key to success in the business arena. The pandemic has changed the rules of the game and although we can’t currently meet in person, at Citywealth we are still running our regular networking sessions online to ensure members maintain strong relationships and frequent contact with their fellow industry professionals. As we know it, the main benefit of the networking clubs is the ‘rolling effect’ of our events. The events enable attendees to fast-track relationships by seeing the same individuals with whom they wish to do business on a regular basis.

But as to any key to success, there are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve great results. To makes sure we have expert advice, we asked Tim Bailey, Portfolio Director at Cazenove Capital to share 5 of what he believes are the best practices when it comes to networking:


#1 Embrace virtual business development

The pandemic has killed traditional business development over the last year and made online networks incredibly valuable.  LinkedIn when used correctly is a really valuable tool for businesses development and a way to connect with prospective clients and introducers.  Post pandemic, with fewer people planning to return to the office, it’s likely to remain an important tool.   


#2 Stand out from the crowd

Many people’s profiles on social media are extremely corporate and bland.  When we network face to face we don’t just talk about business and it should be the same online.  Look for ways to show your human side and more people will want to interact with you.  This could be sharing anecdotes, posting about good causes you are passionate about or even sports / hobbies you have an interest in. 


#3 Be confident, clear and persistent

If you are calling a prospective client cold be confident in your approach.  If you are uncomfortable for whatever reason it has a way of coming across and reduces the likelihood of making a connection.  There’s a fine line between being persistent and being pushy but don’t give up too easily.  Many people will not respond to approaches straight away because they are busy, not because they are uninterested.  Provide further opportunities for them to engage with you.


#4 Be generous with your time and network.

If you can be selfless, people you interact with will notice, and warm to you. They will not forget, and seek you out when they need to solve an issue, have direction, or when opportunities arise.  This extends to finding a next step for them to progress to, perhaps through another contact, even if you are unable to help them directly.


#5 Most importantly, act with sincerity and integrity.

Espousing something you genuinely believe in is easier, more enjoyable for you, and more convincing for your counterparty, whether they are a professional contact or a prospective client. Building a reputation for reliability and integrity creates a virtuous circle.


Go digital, yet keep your integrity. Heed Tim’s wise advice and you’ll most certainly be able to make great contact with amazing people. Success is one business card away.

Thank you, Tim Bailey, for your valuable insights.

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