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3D rendering art exhibition by Ry David Bradley arrives to Marylebone

26 April 2017

PM/AM presents 21th Century, Ry David Bradley’s debut solo exhibition at the gallery featuring a new body of work inspired by 3D rendering and ocular manipulation. Anaglyphic stereo, a process pioneered in the early 20th century which adopted colour theory to provide the illusion of depth of field in images via 3D glasses, provides a key point of engagement for the audience.

As technology permeates our daily lives, we have become so accustomed to digital screens that we almost no longer see them. The barrier between us and the digital world is dissolving and today’s blue, screen-lit faces may soon become as quaint as travelling by horse-drawn carriage. An age of wearable computers is now upon us, yet in an ever accelerating society, the shift of new techniques from futuristic vision to forgotten obsolescence to retro collectable gathers increasing momentum. Looking back is not the same as looking forward, in an age of looking both ways simultaneously.

With his art, Ry David Bradley questions how the traditions of painting, from unconscious reactions to optical stimulation to our psychological relationship to our physical surroundings, may become even more potent in an increasingly immaterial world.

Ry David Bradley, 21th Century
Exhibition: 28th April–1st June 2017

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