Meet the Leaders of Tomorrow

Date: 18 Nov 2021

Bumblebee Design

The workplace we used to know is shifting as new generations enter the workforce with unique perspectives on how to inspire others to take action for a better world. The skills that leaders will need to possess in the future are also changing and adapting to the new requirements of the working world. We are anticipating that the business leaders of tomorrow will have a set of skills and aptitudes that contrast the kind of abilities of their current seniors.

And if there’s anything the events of 2020 have taught us so far, it’s the following: we are more interconnected than ever before. Today’s young business leaders are changing the face of business and bringing new ideas and innovations to corporate culture that make it a better place to live, work, and play.

The question that remains is: what kind of leaders do we want for our future?


New Skin In the Game

As we navigate perpetual change in our world of work, understanding the workforce is the first step to aligning behaviour with the objectives of the organisation in ways that not only recognise workers’ needs, but also develop their capabilities and respect their values. The workforce is now a combination of multiple generations with vastly different life experiences that require us to pause. Citywealth’s Future Leaders Awards winners for the Family Lawyer of the Year at the Partner level include names such as Lisette Dupre representing Dawson Cornwell, Katie O’Callaghan from Boodle Hatfield, and James Netto of  iFLG.


The Power of Diversity

Diversity of thinking is the new challenge in the workplace for companies who want to be creative and innovative. As traditions, protocols, and norms change following the aftermath of disruptors such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, the way the Future of Work looks might be a reality sooner than we expect. This year, our Future Leaders Awards shortlist showcase the value of cooperation between experienced leaders and young professionals for the good of the organisation. For our Best Employer in the Career Progression category, specifically for the LGBT+/inclusion sphere we feature names such as Barclays Private Bank, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, and  Baker McKenzie.


Let Your Voice be Heard

We know winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is. Choosing our winners for the IFC Awards follows a simple, but effective process: submission, judging by a panel of private wealth advisors, online vote, and then another judging phase. The judges vote counts for ninety percent of the outcome, while the online voting counts for ten percent. All winners are then announced on the night at the awards. Join us to celebrate your peers on 25th of January.


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