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Traditional heritage awnings hand-crafted in Britain

The Victorian Awning Company is the name for custom-built traditional awnings. Our heritage range of British-made awnings offer style and sophistication. Every awning we manufacture is forged in our workshop, they are then hand-stitched and hand-crafted to a clients’ specifications. The Victorian Awning Company champion the true qualities of these beautiful traditional awnings, dedicating ourselves to their manufacture both in architectural accuracy and authentic detailing.

We offer three awning styles, The Victorian Awning is the original British awning that has graced shop frontages since the 1800s. The Greenwich Awning is a celebration of the continental-style awning of the 1930s and The Marlesbury Awning is an art nouveau inspired awning that was discovered during a renovation project.

The Victorian Awning

The Victorian Awning is the original British shop awning that first appeared in the late Victorian era. Recognised as a design classic, the Victorian Awning is expertly hand-crafted in our workshop. Aesthetically and from a practical perspective, the qualities of this traditional awning have stood the test of time and its versatility also makes it a attractive and preferred option with design teams and architects alike. The Victorian Awning is often the recommended choice for historic and listed buildings, but this heritage awning also works beautifully in more contemporary setting.

The Greenwich Awning

The Greenwich Awning is a modern interpretation of the classic French window coverings of the nineteenth century. The continentally-inspired Greenwich Awning has a simple understated beauty with classic clean lines that compliments both modern and traditional fascias. Its classic elegance has made it a desirable solution for many exclusive brands and shop fronts. Every Greenwich Awning is designed and custom-built by hand in our workshop.

The Marlesbury Awning

The Marlesbury is based on an art nouveau awning we discovered hidden on a significant Grade 1 listed building in London less than a decade ago. The Marlesbury Awning works beautifully on both modern and traditional fascia’s. The Marlesbury has a minimalist aesthetic that uses simple, classic lines to create an awning that is elegant, but also strong enough for modern application. Every Marlesbury Awning is designed and custom-built by hand in our workshop.

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