Enjoy a curated tour of The National Gallery’s ‘Artemisia’ from home

Date: 12 Jan 2021

Bumblebee Design

Join exhibition curator, Letizia Treves, on a 30-minute tour of the five-star exhibition, ‘Artemisia’ at the National Gallery for just £8.

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In 17th-century Europe, at a time when women artists were not easily accepted, Artemisia was exceptional. She challenged conventions and defied expectations to become a successful artist and one of the greatest storytellers of her time.

Artemisia painted subjects that were traditionally the preserve of male artists and for the male gaze; transforming meek maidservants into courageous conspirators and victims into survivors.

In this first major exhibition of Artemisia’s work in the UK, see her best-known paintings including two versions of her iconic and viscerally violent ‘Judith beheading Holofernes’; as well as her self portraits, heroines from history and the Bible, and recently discovered personal letters, seen in the UK for the first time.

Follow in Artemisia’s footsteps from Rome to Florence, Venice, Naples and London. Hear her voice from her letters, and see the world through her eyes.


About Letizia Treves, exhibition curator

Letizia Treves is the James and Sarah Sassoon Curator of Later Italian, Spanish, and French 17th-century Paintings. A world expert on Italian paintings, she was previously a Senior Director at Sotheby’s in London. She has curated a number of exhibitions, notably ‘Beyond Caravaggio’.


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