Empowered women empower women: 3 success stories from our Powerwomen Awards

Date: 10 Mar 2021

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The Citywealth Powerwomen awards are now in their 9th year, launched to support women with career progression. So, after 9 years, how have we done?

We asked some of the nominees, past winners and judges about their success stories, best career advice and their experience after winning the awards.

The power of creativity and resilience

Nic Arnold, Private Office Director at PWC says she thrives by being creative, optimistic, resilient and a team player.

Her award garnered congrats from Australia to Monaco which she says was a big impact and boost.


The Powerwomen Awards – A great positive surprise

Francesca Boschini, a Director at Deutsche Bank New York says of winning an award: “it was a great and positive surprise” and that professionally it has been a validation and corroboration of what she is doing.  Winning a Powerwomen award has helped her start new conversations with clients and generated questions.

She says that the skills that have helped her, include being a good listener, communicator, and being knowledgeable. As well as being reliable, loyal, patient, and down to earth.

What is her Career advice? As an intern she was told “roll up your sleeves, do what you have to do, if you don’t know, then find out.”

#payingitforward and inspiring women is also what the Powerwomen awards seek to do.


Persistence and determination alone have unlimited power

One story will resonate with all women with ambition. Catherine Lapadula, Managing Director, UBS New York started out at the bottom, as a receptionist, but she now leads the largest team of advisors at UBS International with $200million annual revenue and $30bn in assets.

What gave Catherine her success?

She says a quote by US president Calvin Coolidge is her constant companion. It says –

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not.

Genius will not.

Education will not. 

Persistence and determination” alone have unlimited power. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of humans.


These Powerwomen are some of the most successful women in wealth management. But should you be in awe? Francesca Boschini says the recent year has shown her, that success is one thing, careers another but the pandemic has thrown up some challenges that career women have not seen for a while: cooking and home schooling. It has shown us that no matter the progress some things remain to be done.

With that we congratulate the Powerwomen of 2021.

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