Delaware law reduces tax on estate and wealth transfer insurance products

Date: 22 Sep 2016

Bumblebee Design

John Fischer, senior managing director, Transatlantic, at Lombard International Assurance also says the EU judgement on Apple won’t derail opportunities for Europe.


Is there a US tax planning trend emerging?

Yes but generally UHNWs create US touchpoints as they live, work, retire and invest in multiple countries. However we have seen an increasing flight to Delaware as the newest locale. One of the reasons is that it has recently enacted legislation that reduced taxes associated with the purchase of some insurance products that are useful for estate and wealth transfer.


Is the US election causing psychological disruption?

The US election is top of mind for many investors just like the Brexit referendum was last summer. There is some angst but I wouldn’t characterise it as psychologically disruptive.


Is there concern among US blue-chip corporates following the EU judgement in the Apple vs. Ireland case?

Business people are a pragmatic lot. Nothing stays the same forever. There are always new venues and ideas to pursue and this situation is no different. What might be perceived as a negative today will be realised as an opportunity tomorrow.  Europe is too significant a market to allow this issue to derail the greater opportunities that reside there.


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