Delaware and Nevada are attractive locations for UHNW planning

Date: 22 Sep 2016

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Lesley Hodgson, head of Global Family and Private Investment Office EMEA, Northern Trust also says clients are increasingly concerned about security in all parts of their lives.


Is Delaware the place to be for tax planning this year?

The Global Family Office group looks after twenty percent of the Forbes 400 richest Americans and, through our global offices, cover families across all the continents. 

With FATCA and CRS creating a new global framework for reporting and disclosing assets, there is an increase in families considering re-domiciling their assets. Places like Delaware or Nevada have proven to be attractive locations for UHNWs.


Is the US election causing investment disruption?

We publish a five year outlook which suggests that no one political event will cause long term major disruption, however financial markets hate shocks and uncertainty. Whilst the US presidential election is rocking the boat, and will no doubt influence investor decisions, it’s not going to shake the fundamentals of the US economy.


And art?

Art has always been a passion for wealthy families over the generations and this trend continues today. It remains a passion investment and a way to diversify.


What trends do you see with Latin American clients?

Latin America has been an important source of business for the Global Family Office group for a number of years and this won’t change in the near future.


And trends in the US?

Impact investing through direct investments or co-investing is gaining ground. Also family offices are conducting security reviews for their technology, personal life and travel. 


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