Brexit won’t affect the UK economy

Date: 19 Nov 2015

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Will Hobbs, head of investment strategy Europe, Wealth and Investment Management at Barclays Wealth says that banks may well become a more attractive bet in the US as non-performing loans decline.

Mobile company Talk Talk is the latest in the list of big businesses to be a victim of hacking. Is cyber-crime a real risk for a portfolio?

The case of Talk Talk is a reminder of how important it is to have diversified portfolios to minimize the effects of the damage that one stock can do to a portfolio.

London prime property: did we reach the peak?

Central London property is definitely on the expensive side. However, as we approach a year that may contain the first interest rate rise in the UK in several years, we still think that central London property market is more resilient than expected given the high proportion of cash buyers.

Everyone is down on hedge funds. Can they bounce back?

Certain hedge fund strategies have already been doing better. Greater earnings dispersion is helpful for all active managers, primarily because of the volatility in the commodity market.

Are banks still a good investment or not?

Banks may well become a more attractive bet in the US as interest rates finally start moving higher, non-performing loans decline and they have improving loan growth. In Europe, there is some attraction in having broad-based exposure to the region’s banking sector.

Is Brexit a real risk or do the players just want political profile?

While a decision on Britain’s membership in the EU may have important social, political and economic consequences for the UK economy, it may not be as important for investors in UK asset markets to consider.  UK markets tend to dance to the tune of factors born outside of the UK economy and even Europe.