Future Leaders Awards Results

Editor’s Choice Award

WINNER: Harry Hare-Scott, EY


Outstanding Individual of the Year

WINNER: James von Simson, Tilney


Accountant of the Year - Manager 5-10 years


SILVER: James Arrowsmith, Frank Hirth

GOLD: Daniel Crouch, Frank Hirth


Accountant of the Year - Partner/Director 10+ years

BRONZE: Ian Goodsell, Deloitte

SILVER: Elizabeth Hartless, Saffery Champness

GOLD: Russell Joseph, Bourner Bullock


Lawyer of the Year - Associate

BRONZE: Michael Duffy, Boodle Hatfield

SILVER: Helen Barnett, Wedlake Bell

GOLD: Kate Caldwell, Irwin Mitchell


Lawyer of the Year - Senior/Managing Associate

BRONZE: Alexa Collis, Harbottle & Lewis

SILVER: Victoria Mahon de Palacios, Wedlake Bell

GOLD: Oliver Embley, Wedlake Bell


Lawyer of the Year - Partner 

BRONZE: Laurence Morgan, Boodle Hatfield

SILVER: Yindi Gesinde, Baker McKenzie 

GOLD: Polly Wilkins, Kobre & Kim 


Family Lawyer of the Year - Associate 

BRONZE: Ali Granville, Newton Kearns

SILVER: Louise Forsyth, Camilla Baldwin Solicitors

GOLD: Miranda Nairn, Katz Partners


Family Lawyer of the Year - Senior/Managing Associate 

BRONZE: Trisha Siddique, Wedlake Bell 

SILVER: Marc Etherington, Rayden Solicitors

GOLD: Shivi Rajput, Camilla Baldwin Solicitors


Family Lawyer of the year - Partner

BRONZE: Emma Gill, Vardags

SILVER: Mark Irving, Harbottle & Lewis

GOLD: Nina Lake, Child & Child


IFC Lawyer of the Year - Associate

BRONZE: Matthew Davies, Ogier

SILVER: Wesley O'Brien, Conyers Dill & Pearman

GOLD: Marco Frigg, Baer & Karrer


IFC Lawyer of the Year - Senior/Managing Associate

BRONZE: Katie Hooper, Mourant

SILVER: Guillaume Staal, Dickinson Gleeson

GOLD: Stefanie Pfisterer, Homburger


IFC Lawyer of the Year - Partner 

BRONZE: Alexander Greter, Lenz & Staehelin 

SILVER: Garry Manley, Appleby

GOLD: Robert Christie, Dickinson Gleeson


Assistant Private Banker/Investment Manager of the Year 0-5 years

BRONZE: Jamie Lang, Nedbank Private Wealth

SILVER: Georgia Burgoyne, Cazenove Capital

GOLD: Mario Acquistapace, Capital Generation Partners


Private Banker/Investment Manager of the Year 5-10 years

BRONZE: James Kelway-Bamber, Sarasin & Partners

SILVER: Ryan Blake, Capital Generation Partners

GOLD: Darren Bigwood, Investec


Senior Private Banker/Investment Director of the Year

BRONZE: James Goodhew, Rathbone Investment Management

SILVER: Gerard Burfitt, C Hoare & Co 

GOLD: Jonathan Moon, Sanlam


Private Investment/Family Office Individual of the Year - Europe 

BRONZE: Georgina Fry, Saunderson House

SILVER: Robert Paul, London & Capital 

GOLD: Syaza Mansbridge, Capital Generation Partners


Trustee of the Year - Assistant Manager

BRONZE: Kirsty McIntosh, JTC Group

SILVER: James Lyon, Baccata Trustees

GOLD: Daniel Cavey, Crestbridge


Trustee of the Year - Manager

BRONZE: Nicola Mauger, Butterfield Trust

SILVER: Zoe Lowey, Ocorian

GOLD: Danielle Cottignies, Crestbridge


Trustee of the Year - Director 

BRONZE: Peter Brooks, Rawlinson & Hunter

SILVER: Amy Collins, Ocorian

GOLD: Hannah Roynon-Jones, Alex Picot Trust 


Financial Advisory/UHNW Services Individual of the Year - Europe 

BRONZE: Patrick Bowen, Maseco

SILVER: James Von Simson, Tilney

GOLD: Olly Cheng, Saunderson House


Mentor of the Year

BRONZE: Courtney Bell, Ocorian

SILVER: Trisha Siddique, Wedlake Bell

GOLD: Phyllis Townsend, Baker McKenzie


Future Leader Initiative of the Year 

BRONZE: Anny Giavelli, Dolfin

SILVER: Georgina Fry, Saunderson House

GOLD: Lily Kennett, Schillings


Best Employer - Career Progression

BRONZE: Mourant 

SILVER: Frank Hirth 

GOLD: Dixon Wilson


Best Employer - Career Progression LGBT+/Inclusion 

BRONZE: Deloitte 

SILVER: Penningtons Manches Cooper 

GOLD: LGT Vestra 

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