3 huge advantages to joining our user-rating site Leaders List

Date: 12 Nov 2020

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How many times, as a wealth management advisor, have you felt that you are doing amazing client work, but not enough people from your network (clients, partners) really know about it?

It’s quite challenging to find valuable platforms to showcase who you are, where your values and expertise stand out and how real clients evaluate your work and success. This has been one of our main focuses when founding our unique platform, where experts meet, and clients share valuable ratings for their advisors.

Citywealth’s Leaders List: A User Rating directory of the leading individuals in international private client and wealth management

Citywealth was founded in 2005 with the purpose of bringing together ultra-high net worth clients and their advisers and managers working in the private wealth sector. Our objective is to connect and inform private wealth management globally with independent information and a User Rating Site: The Leaders List. The site is visited by peers in the industry, UHNWs, charities, family offices, and institutional clients.

Our team summed up 3 key reasons why you, as a top expert, should join our Leaderlist:


# 1: It is the only platform that connects the best advisors with top clients

Over 15 years of research, Citywealth has identified the best wealth managers and advisors who regularly assist clients with £5million + in investable assets and some of the wealthiest billionaires in the world. This enables you to choose a wealth manager, lawyer, attorney, accountant, CPA, trustee or family office advisor with a track record of success and independently checked by the Citywealth team.

Secret Bonus: We have annual events and networking clubs that allow you to meet peers and share referrals.


#2: Your work is reviewed and accessible to prospects & the world will know how great you are!

The site receives 25,000 average page views per month with visitors arriving via Google,, and LinkedIn posts. 400 reviews are left on the site monthly by private clients, institutional clients, and peers. We actively monitor the site to prevent fake reviews and to manage complaints.

Every individual profile has a red button that can be clicked by peers, private clients, institutional clients and co-workers. They can leave a rating beside our criteria: fee level, quality of advice, communication skills, interpersonal skills. They can also leave a review which will enable your future prospects to be aware of your excellent skills.

Secret Bonus: All reviews are verified by our editorial team before being uploaded.
 We do not publish negative reviews but we will inform you if they are received.


#3: We continuously upgrade your profile and our features for improved results

Upgraded profiles get a higher ranking on our site. The cluster effect of the content on our site will also mean UHNW clients, charities and peers who spend up to six hours a day on their phones now, will be driven to the Leaders List through Google searches making it far more powerful than individual websites. The ability to contact professionals through the site is also an essential requirement from clients and peer feedback. One investment manager in the sector has just received a billionaire client directly through their website, making this an important vehicle for growing your client base.


Citywealth’s Leaders List is a unique search tool for finding Private Wealth Management Professionals rated and reviewed by peers and clients.

You can submit yourself or nominate someone for inclusion in the online directory at any time, here.

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