Month: July 2021

3 tips for your first steps with cryptocurrency

Author: Bumblebee Design | Date: 08 Jul 2021

Digital currency has been at the forefront of public interest since 2009 when Bitcoin was first launched; nowadays, it is even more desirable due to the introduction of NFTs. During last year we, at Citywealth, have hosted several discussions with specialists on the topic and are glad to share some

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Leaders List Interview: 60 seconds with Tim Collingwood QC, Serle Court

Author: Bumblebee Design | Date: 06 Jul 2021

Citywealth caught up with Tim Collingwood QC, a barrister at leading set Serle Court. Tim reveals the secrets behind the set’s marketing success and provides an insight into life as a barrister in the world of remote working.

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An update on CHINA and HONG KONG

Author: Bumblebee Design | Date: 05 Jul 2021

China’s burgeoning billionaire population seeks wealth management closer to home

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