Month: November 2020

Cayman sees off Covid and blacklisting to end 2020 on a high

Author: Bumblebee Design | Date: 25 Nov 2020

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster for all nations, but for Cayman in particular it has been a year of two halves.

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The Cayman Islands: A jurisdiction of choice for family offices

Author: Bumblebee Design | Date: 24 Nov 2020

In a new body of research commissioned by Dart Real Estate, the Cayman Islands is identified as a leading jurisdiction for establishing an international family office.

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3 huge advantages to joining our user-rating site Leaders List

Author: Bumblebee Design | Date: 12 Nov 2020

How many times, as a wealth management expert, have you felt that you have done amazing work, but not too many people from your network (clients, partners) really knew about it?

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The pandemic wallet

Author: Bumblebee Design | Date: 10 Nov 2020

2020 was, as one private client advisor frankly said, “a crappy year”, not only for public health but also for companies who had to reconfigure to cope with the dramatic change in economic decisions.

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60 second interview with Amy Clarke, Tribe Impact Capital

Author: Bumblebee Design | Date: 09 Nov 2020

Amy Clarke, Chief Impact Officer at Tribe Impact Capital, on helping clients use their capital to create the change they are most passionate about.

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