Month: September 2019

Interview with Simon Black, Dolfin

Author: Bumblebee Design | Date: 25 Sep 2019

Simon Black joined Dolfin in September 2018 to bolster the firm’s ability to meet the demands of HNW and UHNW private investors. Today, he serves as Dolfin’s Head of Investment Management.

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Property update: sterling rate attracts US and Ritz Carlton Affair Saudi’s

Author: Bumblebee Design | Date: 24 Sep 2019

House prices in London might be falling, but for now London retains its title as the world’s number one city for UHNWI residents. Citywealth’s April French Furnell spoke to London property experts to find out the trends behind the headline figures.

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Bermuda update: Business as usual

Author: Bumblebee Design | Date: 19 Sep 2019

Great news for Bermuda as blacklisting worries disappear

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